Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Run-DMC - King of Rock

King of Rock

King of Rock is from 1985 and is their second album. The songs also have a little reggae and rock on some. "Roots, Rap, Reggae" is a rap-reggae song. "King of Rock" and "Can You Rock It Like This" are rap-rock. The other songs "Jam Master Jammin'", "You Talk Too Much", "Darryl And Joe" (Krush-Groove 3), "You're Blind", "It's Not Funny", and "Rock the House" are all good. This deluxe edition has a six minute long version of "Jam Master Jammin'", a great live version of "King of Rock" for Live aid, "Slow and Low" demo, and "Together Forever" (Krush-Groove 4 (Live at Hollis Park '84). I also like their Run DMC, Raising Hell, and Greatest Hits albums.

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